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Cake Menu


Catering Menus

Please provide as much notice as possible.  We are not necessarily able to fill orders on short notice, particularly if they are relatively large.

Morning Fare

  • muffins, spelt or cheddar scones, croissants
    • $3.95 each with butter & assorted jams
  • pain au chocolate
    • $4.75 each – traditional French croissant filled with chocolate
  • almond creme croissant
    • $5.50 each – croissant filled almond paste and cream
  • ham & cheese croissant, delicious, moist & flavourful
    • $5.55 each
  • giant sourdough cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing
    • $6.25 each (1/2 size available for $4.75 ea – minimum order of 16)
  • yogourt & “The Claim’s” housemade granola and fruit parfaits
    • $6.25 each
  • banana & cranberry orange breads
    • $3.95/slice
  • egg muffins – openfaced english muffin w/ scrambled eggs, mixed veggies and melted cheese
    • $4.25 each
  • breakfast burrito
    • $5.75 each – scrambled eggs, cheese & salsa (meat or veggie available)
  • gluten-free muffins
    • $4.70 each
  • gluten-free cinnamon buns
    • $4.50 each
  • fruit platters
    • we generally recommend approximately $3.50 per person but this can vary according to seasonal prices and the overall menu.
    • Our minimum order is a $25.00 platter.

All pastries include plates, knives, napkins & butter & jams where suited

~please ask about daily specials such as ham & cheese croissants and almond croissants

About our coffee

  • We serve only organic, shade-grown, fair-trade coffee. It is locally roasted by Bean North Coffee Roasters.
    • $25.00/carafe containing 10 cups. We recommend a lighter roast for morning & darker blends with cakes and sweets.

Other beverages

  • teas ~ organic black and herbal – “2 leaves & a bud”
    • $25.00/carafe (approximately 10 cups)
  • hot apple cider
    • $25.00/carafe
  • hot chocolate ~ made on site with Belgian chocolate
    • $30.00/carafe
  • bottled juices, pops & water
    • $2.25-$4.00/bottle

All hot beverages come with cups, cream, sugar, sweetener, stir sticks and napkins.
China available on request.

Lunch fare

Assorted Sandwiches
Ham & swiss w/ Dijon mayo,  vegetarian w/ hummus, nicoise egg salad
$9.95 each

Specialty sandwiches
Chicken Pesto & Roast Beef

Grilled Paninis
A wide variety available – ask for examples of fillings
$11.95 each (gluten free $9.95 each)

Green salad & half sandwich special

Assorted Wraps
(minimum orders apply)
Chipotle Chicken, Shanghai Pork & Cabbage Slaw, Felafel or Roasted Vegetable with pesto
$10.95 each (gluten-free available)

(minimum orders apply)
Pasta, rice, lentil, bean, Asian, Greek, marinated veggie
$10.50/person full serving

Green Salad – vinaigrette on the side
$9.50/person full serving (with chicken added $12.50)

Our signature lunch item! ~ homemade and wonderful
$9.75/bowl with our homemade bread

Cup of soup & half sandwich special

Cup of soup & green side salad

Please call for a custom quote ~ we are able to supply any quantity per person you would like.

Hot Lunches (minimum orders apply)

Baked pasta with green salad
Roasted vegetables & penne pasta baked in a cheesy cream sauce with roasted garlic. Topped with buttery cheesy breadcrumbs. Chicken is available as an add-in.

Chicken Marbella
This is a Chocolate Claim standard.  It is a robust preparation of chicken thigh meat marinated in capers, olives, herbs & white wine.  It is served with our house salad and a simple rice pilaf and fresh bread and butter.

Vegetarian (Mushroom) Moussaka
The traditional Greek dish without the meat.  It features a rich tomato mushroom sauce scented with cinnamon which is layered with baked eggplant and finished with a rich bechamel/parmesan sauce.  It is served with a Greek style green salad and fresh bread and butter.

Spinach & Herb Cannelloni
Fresh pasta is wrapped around a combination of spinach, fresh herbs and nutmeg then baked in a flavourful combination of marinara and bechamel sauces topped with a combination of Italian cheeses.  It is served with fresh bread and butter and our house salad.

Sweets and Treats for breaks or dessert

  • large cookies ~ $3.75 – $5.25 each
  • squares ~ $4.75 – $5.25 each (can be cut in ½ – surcharge of 25 cents/square)
  • cake slices ~$9.25 for a full slice, $4.95 for a half slice
  • handmade chocolate truffles ~ raspberry, cappuccino, cognac, passionfruit, meadowlark honey, coconut lime caramel, peanut, hazelnut gianduja praline,- everything handmade with natural ingredients and real butter ~ $2.95 each

Also available

meat, cheese, fruit & vegetable and dip platters.  Two of these can be combined on a platter.  Meat & cheese platters are served with bread and/or crackers.  Size and price will be advised according to the overall composition of your order, the number of people you are serving, the type of event you are hosting and your budget.  Minimum charge $30

Catering deliveries

We can arrange to deliver your catering order to your office or home. Please be advised that there’s an additional minimum charge of $25-50 for this service as well as minimum order requirements, depending on exact location. Delivery times are guaranteed, pick up times can be arranged in advance for an additional fee. Normally we will pickup the Monday, Wednesday or Friday following service.


Please call our catering manager @ 867 667 2202 for a custom quote.
Fax 867 667-2235