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Cake Menu



Antipasto platter

House marinated olives, artichoke hearts, marinated cheese & marinated mushrooms.  Roasted vegetables such as red pepper, fennel & eggplant.  Pickled beets. Salami.  Served with fresh crostini.
large –  serves approximately 50
small – serves approximately 25

Fine Cheese & Local Charcuterie Platter

A selection of fine cheeses,  Schinkenspeck & Hungarian salami made locally from local meat, fresh crostinis, marinated olives, housemade Emmental crackers, fruit, eggplant pickle and honey.  Suitable for a light meal or as an appetizer.
~please request a quote

Fine Cheese Assortment

A variety of cheeses to suite your taste and budget. Garnished with fruit and served with bread or crackers.
~please request a quote

Greek Mezze Platter

Marinated, herbed feta.  Thyme roasted red peppers, Tzatziki, house marinated olives, dolmades & hummus.  Served with toasted house made pita triangles.
large  – serves approximately 50
medium – serves approximately 30
small – serves approximately 15

Raw & Roasted Vegetable Tray

An update of the traditional veggie platter. We lightly steam broccoli & beans, roast yams and potatoes but leave most in their natural state. Served with our housemade roasted garlic dip.
~please request a quote – minimum $30

Appetizer Quiches (2-3 bites)

$34per dozen – minimum order may apply

Cedar Planked Brie

A 400 gram round of bried topped with roasted garlic and our cranberry chutney.  We bake this at high heat to meld flavours.  Served with fresh crostinis made from our sunflower bread.


Made from our fresh sunflower baguette, toasted & topped with a tasty spread and other delicious foods.
$38 per dozen – minimum order of 2 dozen per type


Our house made savoury focaccia drizzled with olive oil and baked with choice of flavourful toppings
$38 each – cuts into 12 pieces


Mini savoury “cream puffs” filled with either smoked salmon pate or herbed goat cheese
$36 per dozen – minimum order of 2 dozen

Italian Sausage & Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Large mushroom caps filled with a savoury mixture of Italian sausage, garlic, mascarpone & parmesan cheeses.  Best served at room temperature or lightly heated.
$36/dozen – minimum order may apply

Jalapeno Poppers

Fresh jalapenos stuffed with a seasoned mix of cheeses & green onion, wrapped in bacon, and baked to crispy perfection.  Delicious either hot or at room temperature.

Phyllo Triangles

These little pies are savoury, crisp and hold well during a prolonged event. Bite-sized, they are handy at cocktail parties and after-work functions.
$34 per dozen – minimum order 2 dozen per type

Stuffed Eggs

Hard cooked local eggs “devilled” just like our moms did.  Traditional, curried or smoked salmon
$34-36 per dozen
$36 per dozen for smoked salmon
minimum order 2 dozen per type

Tomato basil gazpacho with avodaco salsa & prawns

Gazpacho “shots” with sliced prawns & avocado.  Flavourful, beautiful and refreshing.


minimum orders may apply

Asian Chicken Wings

Moist and flavourful but hold the hot spice! Our tasty version of an old standard.

Beef Satays with Chimichurri Sauce

Marinated & seasoned beef skewers served with an herb, vinegar & chile sauce.  It’s all in the sauce!.
$38 per dozen – minimum order of 2 dozen

Bison Puff Pastry Bites

A delicious mix of ground bison & caramelized onion wrapped in buttery flaky puff pastry & served with a cranberry honey dijon sauce.
$36 per dozen – minimum order  2 dozen

Bison Sliders

Small patties of bison on a housemade brioche roll with roasted garlic mayo and wild cranberry chutney.
$48 per dozen/bison – minimum order may apply
These require special attention. Please ask for serving instructions.

Caramelized Bacon

Bacon made better!  Finished with maple syrup & pecans.
$32 per dozen

Ginger Lime Prawns

Poached lightly and marinated in a lovely, zesty ginger lime sauce.
$40 per pound – minimum order 2 pounds

Moroccan Lamb Meatballs

Ground lamb seasoned with garlic, parsley, mint, cumin & cinnamon.  Served with Tzatziki sauce.  Best served hot.
$38 per dozen – minimum order 2 dozen 

Sausage rolls

Savory and wrapped in a light puff pastry. Served with our own honey mustard dip.
66 bite-sized pieces for $40

Smoked Salmon Appetizer Spirals

Smoked salmon, dill, capers & lemon rolled into an attractive & tasty spiral. Easy to eat and nice to look at.
$38 per dozen – minimum order may apply

Teriyaki style Salmon

Taku River sockeye marinated in teriyaki sauce and presented on a platter with crostinis & Swedish dilled mustard sauce
$60/size – appr. 1.5 pounds

Thai Chicken Curried Satays

Chicken marinated in a Thai curry, skewered then roasted. Finished with a lovely peanut sauce.
$38/dozen – minimum order 2 dozen


minimum orders may apply

Artichoke Asiago Dip

This dip is served warm and fills the room with its fragrance. We serve it with fresh bread or corn chips or a combination of both.
$50/500 gms.

Cheddar & Beer dip

Good quality sharp cheddar & dark beer, mustard & our secret ingredient.  Perfect with our house made crostini. (also good with crudites)
$50-400 gms.

House Marinated Olives

Lemon & fennel OR  Orange & marjoram
~priced by weight

Layered Bean Dip

Layers of housemade refried black beans, avocado, spiced Mexican crema and cheeses with cilantro, black olives & green onion.  Baked then served warm or at room temperature with tortilla chips.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummous

Served with housemade crostini
$36/400 gms.

Sesame Almond Miso Spread

A full flavoured vegan dip. You won’t be able to stop eating this! We serve it with a variety of crackers for spreading. (it’s also great with crudites).
$50 per order (400 grams)

Chocolate Fountains

We also supply fountain chocolate @ $12.50/pound
& we make raspberry marshmallows, cakes & biscotti suitable which are suitable for dipping

Sweets Platters

$2.60-$5.75 per piece – cookies, squares, cake slices, tarts & chocolates – designed to order
Please consult our catering manager 


Baked Pasta

Vegetarian or with chicken – lots of yummy veggies & cheesy sauce on both.  Served with green salad and fresh bread & butter.

Beef Bourguignon

This is the traditional French beef and red wine stew finished with sauteed mushrooms and herbs.  It is excellent with roasted garlic mashed potoatoes.  Choose a vegetable side from the list below.  We complete the meal with our house salad and fresh bread and butter.

Braised Lamb Shanks

This is a very classic version of the oh-so-delicious braised lamb shank.  The shanks are braised in red wine, beef stock, herbs and tomato then finished with the classic gremolata (finely chopped lemon peel, parsley & garlic).  It is a very satisfying meal.  We recommend roasted garlic mashed potatoes and a spinach gratin.  The meal is finished with our house salad and fresh bread and butter.

Chicken Marbella

Chicken marinated in white wine & spices then cooked with capers, olives & plums.  Served with rice or pasta, green salad & fresh bread & butter.

Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic

Sweet & tender roasted garlic, chicken and a sauce that is finished with cognac, white wine, thyme & cream.  We recommend a Moroccan cous cous side (they are delicious together), a vegetable side and a salad.

Glazed Ham Dinner

We use a smoked pork shoulder, braise it in beer and finish it with a glaze of chutney & dijon mustard.  We recommend the yam gratin & roasted potatoes with this meal.  We include our house green salad and fresh sunflower bread with butter.

Loin of Pork with Wild Yukon Morel Sauce

Roasted loin of pork flavoured with fennel & mustard and served with a savoury cream & wild morel sauce.  Fabulous with spinach gratin, roasted potatoes and finished with a house green salad and fresh bread & butter.

Mushroom or Beef Moussaka

The classic Greek dish.  Either beef or mushrooms in a cinnamon scented tomato sauce layered with eggplant & bechamel.  Served with Greek salad and bread & butter

Prime Rib Roast

We slow cook our prime rib to tender & juicy perfection and flavour it with fresh herbs & garlic.  We serve it with a green peppercorn sauce, dijon mustard and horseradish on the side.  We recommend the roasted garlic mashed potato and the vegetable side of your choice.  Served with our house salad and fresh sunflower bread & butter.

Roast Leg of Lamb with minted demi-glace

A boned leg of lamb is truly superb with this minty, slightly sweet sauce.  Serve with roasted potatoes, spinach or tomato gratin and fresh bread & butter.

Seafood Canneloni

Fresh pasta wraps bursting with scallops, shrimp and Atlin whitefish.  This is a real seafood lovers’ treat meal.  It needs only a salad of simple greens with truffled lemon vinaigrette and fresh garlic bread.  We recommend that you complete it with a bottle of crisp white wine.

Tenderloin of Beef with Port & Cranberry Cream Sauce

The tenderest cut of beef roasted to medium rare and served with this wonderful cream sauce.  Add your choice of one starch and one vegetable side.  Served with our house salad and fresh sunflower bread and butter.

Wild Sockeye Salmon

Beautiful Taku River sockeye baked under a pistachio nut & basil crust.  This is moist and flavourful.  Choose one starch side and one vegetable side.  Our house salad and fresh bread and butter are included.

House Salad

This salad consists of mixed fine greens, avocado, mandarin oranges, finely chopped green onion and sunflower seeds.  The vinaigrette is mustardy and a little bit sweet.  Delicious!

Starch Sides

Rice pilaf – fresh rice cooked with herbs and finely diced vegetables
Roasted garlic mashed potatoes or Herbed Roasted Potatoes
Buttered penne pasta
Penne pasta in pesto sauce (add $3/person)

Vegetable Sides

Roasted beets tossed in balsamic vinaigrette or raspberry vinegar and orange juice
Seasonal roasted vegetables – typically a mix of peppers, mushrooms, onions, green beans or asparagus and other vegetables
Yam gratin – really a savoury yam pudding topped with buttery breadcrumbs
Tomato gratin – roasted tomatoes, toasted croutons, basil & parmesan – it is more than a sum of its parts!
Tomatoes slow roasted with basil pesto
Spinach gratin – spinach cooked in a rich bechamel sauce with caramelized onion and nutmeg and topped with Gruyere cheese
Cauliflower gratin – large florets of cauliflower in bechamel sauce and topped with Gruyere and Parmesan cheeses
Vegetable Tian – potatoes, zucchini & tomatoes baked on a bed of garlicky onions and a sprinkling of Gruyere cheese
Caramelized Shallots – sauteed with red wine vinegar & a bit of sugar then baked in the oven – great with roast

Christmas Menu

Bete Noir (The Black Beast)


An intense and satisfying chocolate experience.  We use top quality Belgian chocolate (Callebaut 72% & 60%), embellish it with rich and compatible flavours (whiskey, orange & white pepper) lighten it with eggs and bake it just until set.  This is fabulous as a dessert served with whipped cream and fresh berries or as one of those things you sneak a “small piece
in our showcase or place an order
Introductory pricing $34.95/cake

Buche de Noel

2020 sees a return to our original Yukon log.  This is a chocolate cake rolled around a rich chocolate mousse.  It is a visual treat and an excellent ending to a holiday meal.  They are also a great indulgence with coffee in the afternoon!

Our own handmade chocolate

Come in and see our selection of holiday themed Belgian chocolate. Santas, trees and “gingerbread” houses as well as an assortment of truffles & bonbons. A beautiful and delicious addition to your Christmas.
priced by weight


Italian for “strong bread”. This is a traditional Christmas treat that is a cross between a nutty fruitcake and a candy with just a hint of pepper. Sensational!
6″ cake


Cake crumbs liberally spiced with dark rum and rolled in chocolate powder.  These are moist and boozy and very, very good.
6 for $10.25 – available individually in our showcase for $1.99 each

Spiced Nuts

These are exceedingly popular both with staff & customers! A combination of 5 nuts roasted in a spiced salty-sweet coating. Caution, these may be addictive!

The Claim’s Christmas Cookie Platters

We have chosen our best and most beautiful Christmas cookies for these platters.
Queen’s shortbread – made with high quality, high fat butter – the traditional Scottish style cookie is made with a recipe from the kitchens of Buckingham Palace and the quality reflects that…you have to try them to believe how good they are.
Linzer cookies – hazelnut cookies sandwiching raspberry jelly – beautiful AND delicious
Whipped shortbread – soft and buttery and melt in your mouth
Cinnamon palmiers – delicious buttery puff pastry baked with sugar until crisp then dipped in chocolate
Romais – piped shortbread with a caramel nut centre – over the top!
Amarettis – a smaller version of the ones we sell all year – meringues sandwiching buttercream

Sampler (14 pieces)
Small (32 pieces)
Large (50 pieces)


Traditional Butter Tarts

Our own crust filled with Chef Cat’s personal recipe.  You’ll want to come back for more!
$42/dozen – available individually in our showcase

Traditional Tourtière

Our version of the French Canadian pork & potato pie. It’s simply and subtly spiced with allspice & cloves. This makes a great luncheon dish or Christmas Eve meal. Served with our house made wild cranberry chutney.
$9″ pie

White Chocolate Cranberry Cointreau Cheesecake

This season’s cheesecake is made silky with the addition of white chocolate.  We top is with a wild cranberry, Cointreau sauce.  Also available in gluten free version.
9″ – $75 – serves 8-16 depending on slice size
11″ – $90 – serves 12-24 depending on slice size

Wild Cranberry Chutney

Our popular wild Yukon cranberry chutney by the jar.  A great addition to your Christmas turkey or served with cheese & crackers.
Priced by size